Stringed Theory

Amazing Jazz Guitar “Octaves” Rhythm Lesson with Nils

In the 2000’s, Smooth Guitarist “Nils” released the track “Pacific Coast Highway”. The track was the most played smooth jazz song of the decade, and featured a catchy octave rhythmic guitar riff that should be a staple in any Smooth Jazz Guitarist’s library. Often called the “Wes Montgomery Octave Technique”, Nils uses this trick to thicken his guitar melody and stand out above the band, with great rhythmic sense to make the melody memorable. I hope this video inspires you like it did me!

Nils’ “Anatomy Of A Song” for Two of a Kind

My favorite smooth jazz guitarist lately is Nils; a great songwriter with amazing tone and catchy tracks. Nils has a pretty active youtube channel also! On his channel – “Nils Jiptner” – He is starting to list a series called “Anatomy Of A Song”, where he breaks down sections of his songs. You can learn a lot of great things about songwriting from the videos, and hear some great smooth jazz too!

New Announcement of Kiesel/Carvin Headless Multiscale Vaders

Kiesel Guitars / Carvin Guitars has answered the fans (no pun intended) and released the Multi-scale Vader Headless model this week. Kiesel Guitars are just about the highest quality guitar you can get for the price range, and having a multiscale headless will let them enter the rare market competing against Strandberg. The price is to be determined, but at the moment you can get a deal for a Multiscale Vader for only $100 more than the original Vader. Here’s hoping to seeing more Kiesel models in 2016!

Frank Gambale Tuning Explained!

Frank Gambale may be one of the most technical guitarists on the planet, but creativity is also a big part of his fantastic playing. Frank came up with a great tuning that really expands the use of chords on the instrument. On his youtube channel, “FrankGambaleTV“, he made a video about the tuning and how it works.

Tips on Guitar Recording from Misha Mansoor

Recording guitar takes some knowledge beyond hooking up a mic and pressing record. The famous multi-tracking used in early classic rock albums makes a huge difference against one track. Misha Mansoor of Periphery made a great video with “Top Secret Audio” that explains his process of recording heavy metal guitar.

Check it out!